My name is Tanner, and I'm the dude in charge of this place. I've been an artist for as long as I can remember. I spend a lot of time thinking about the state of things these days, and art is how I process a lot of the feelings that I have.

*Pulling up my soap box*

The powers that be want us to hate each other, and they giggle their way to the bank while we eat up AI-generated propaganda and yell at each other on Facebook. The truth is, we've all got a lot in common, and we have more to gain by relating to each other. I want the sticker on the back of your car to be a reminder of that. I also want to remind your homophobic grandparents that it ain't their turf anymore.

I'm also a family man, and I like spending time with my partner Hannah, our kiddo, and our 2 dastardly cats. When I'm not sleeping or drawing, I can be found baking or watching re-runs of Star Trek. My body runs on peanut butter and sweet tea.